We are more than just atoms, we are stories.

From round the camp fire to on a screen, we are inspired at the power of stories. They make us laugh & cry, bring us closer & even pull us apart. But no matter what, stories always evoke emotions. The right stories which share our simple human truths of love, laughter, friendship and family, connect us to every person on the planet, no matter who or where we are. Stories have no borders, and our passion is to bring these stories to life through the power of film.

Honesty is the highest form of intimacy

At Southern Wild we don’t create content just to push it out to an audience, but rather create content to bring the audience in. We do this through honesty to create trust in a brand, and when people trust a brand, they listen. This is the simple power we use to tell stories.

Be Brave

Southern Wild was started by two friends who shared the same vision of creating meaningful content that people actually want to watch. No marketing tricks, just honesty and great ideas. We challenge ourselves to step into the unknown to discover something new. Whatever the story may be, we always work closely with brands and agencies who are brave enough to embark on this journey with us.

Our motto is – BE BRAVE – because those who dare, succeed.

The Founders

Stef Prein

Co-founder / Producer

Half creative genius, half perfectionist – Stef hails from the southern Netherlands and has honed his skills as a director and creative producer, working with major international brands that inspire people to take action. His love of the honest narrative can been seen throughout his work and is the inspiration that brings his ideas to life.

Michael Talbot

Co-founder / Producer

Bitten by creativity as a child and raised in some of the best advertising agencies in the world – Michael feeds off great ideas and stories. He finds inspiration in human truths that cross borders, cultures and creeds. Born and bred in South Africa, he migrated north in search of new adventures and stories to tell.