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Waarover schrijf je in een blog? Nuttige, industriespecifieke content die: 1) lezers een handige les leert, en 2) aantoont dat je een expert binnen de industrie bent. Laat in de blogposts van je bedrijf zien wat je vindt van actuele onderwerpen binnen de industrie, geef je bedrijf een menselijk kantje en onthul hoe je producten […]

Honesty Is the Future of Advertising

Advertisers have reached a tipping point with the sheer amount of products they shove into the faces of consumers on a daily basis. The advertising landscape is more like a landfill, each new offering toppling over the last on a heap of noise engineered to sell stuff. Indeed, advertisers around the globe are expected to spend $606.90 billion in […]

The Periodic Table of Storytelling Will Help You

Attention everyone: We have found it. We have found the Holy Grail of online screenwriting/storytelling resources. If you’re a screenwriter and/or a complete glutton for geeking out, like we are, you need to stop what you’re doing immediately and check out Design Through Storytelling’s Periodic Table of Storytelling. Which — is exactly what it sounds like […]

Inside Hoff Production's – the ups and downs

The film production business can be cruel, here’s a look at Hoff Production and their experiences in todays entertainment market. 2015 Snapshot Hoff will deliver 40 hours to 6 buyers: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Series for Science Channel Mobsteel: Car series for NBC Sports Network Behind the Screams: Crime/Horror series for Reelz Animals Gone Wild: Clip series for Nat […]

A sneak peak into the current film industry.

1. There is no such thing as independent film The film industry is all run by the conglomerates and studios who hatch small boutique companies to trade on the name ‘independent’. These production companies are run by the same moguls as their bigger budget Hollywood counterparts. In this corporate realm, moguls offer actors scale work […]

8 Advertising Predictions for 2016, Only One of Which Will Likely Happen

1 Content-Schmontent. Yes, the smart brands will continue to produce content that is helpful, beautiful, engaging, and useful. But content can be clutter just like ads and just posting cool content on the site-of-the-month probably isn’t going to be enough to break through. Brands probably ought to reallocate some of their massive digital budgets to plain ol’ […]