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Your Film Production Checklist

We hope this inspires you rather than scares you.  In the following film production checklist, we broke the filmmaking process down into 65 steps. We hope this will make your life a little easier. Kickstart your film production. Here we go. . . 1. Before you get started, make sure you read and study everything […]

The Times are a-Changin’… and have been for a while.

Read on to hear the thoughts of renowned marketing genius, Luke Sullivan, on how creatives are moving away from the AD agency and into the clients and production company’s offices. In the hangar-like building, recruiters from 151 blue-chip corporations awaited the students’ arrival, in booths set up to attract the next generation of copywriters, art directors, animators, […]

Super Bowl 2016: It's Not About The Game

Every year on the first Sunday of February America stays home for the biggest event in sports: the Super Bowl. It’s almost like a National Holiday. This year was no difference. And whether you were rooting for the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers, most people watch the Super Bowl for on thing only: the commercials. […]

Ad Agency Models Are Breaking

Is the news PepsiCo executive Brad Jakeman told the world at the most recent Association of National Advertiser’s conference Masters of Marketing. The advertising industry lacks diversity. Pre-rolls are useless. Measurement models are outdated. He also suggests to stop using the word “advertising”, which, in his words, stands for “polluting content”. What Mr. Jakeman says, […]

Wastewatchers Asked Our Help

Help a friend in need, especially during the holidays, they say. Therefore last week we helped Dutch YouTuber Thomas Luthikhold from Wastewatchers produce one of his famous Wasteless Wednesday tips. The tip was featured on Dutch cooking channel 24 Kitchen! Watch his tip on regrowing vegetables here and save a penny. And follow his channel on YouTube if […]

Canada Goose Keeps You Warm

[youtube id=”8ZKMArxl-No”] Christmas is over and winter is slowly arriving in Europe, so it seems. Time to get cozy around the fireplace and keep the cold outside. But if you do have to go out, Canada Goos is there to keep you warm. Watch their chilling new short film, while sipping a hot cocoa. And if […]

Happy Holidays!

[youtube id=”wuz2ILq4UeA”] Happy Holidays from us at Southern Wild! It’s the time of year to spend with your loved ones. And even when you’re alone, there will always be someone thinking of you…